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xSpeed LicenseUnit Price (USD)UsersTotal CostBuy Now
xSpeed Personal License18.00118.00 Personal License23.00123.00
e-Pointer LicenseUnit Price (USD)UsersTotal CostBuy Now
e-Pointer Personal License46146.00
e-Pointer Site License15~46*
*Price Calculator, to see the price in a different quantity, please input positive integer.

xSpeed and Personal License:

A personal license lets you use the program on any number of computers - at work and at home.
New version are free to registered users.

e-Pointer License Details:

Your license will work with all minor upgrades (such as version 2.x.x). You also will qualify for a discount on future major upgrades (such as version 3.0). Contact us for a Discount Coupon.

Personal License:
A personal license lets you use the program on any number of your own computers for personal work.

Site License:
If multiple people in your organization need to use e-Pointer, a site license can save you money. We have price breaks for 5, 10, 50 users. If you are adding additional users to your site, you can take advantage of the combined user total for lower pricing. Contact us for a Discount Coupon.
We define a site as all company locations within a 100-mile radius. So, if you have two or more offices in a single metropolitan area, you can consider them as one site.
2 - 4 users: $45 each
5 - 9 users: $37 each
10 - 49 users: $25 each
From50 users: $15 each

World-Wide License:
For larger enterprises with multiple locations, the world-wide license might be the best deal. It has no limitation on the number of users or where they are located. It covers all company personnel, including consultants working on-site on company projects. It does not cover subsidiary companies that operate under a different name, off-site subcontractors, or customers of the company.
Contact us for a World-Wide License.

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